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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world but probably the most misrepresented by the media. Surprisingly to some, it does not preach internal page terrorism or violence. For instance, you may have been told in school history lessons that it was spread by the sword. Fair enough. You were probably also encouraged to believe in the tooth fairy and father christmas. Well that's fair enough too but I'm sure you get my point. What the media tries it's hardest not to tell you are the numerous positive aspects that Islam has introduced into the World including many of it's internal page advancements in science.

The following are my own thoughts on what Islam is to me.

Islam was first practised by the prophet Adam {pbuh} and has been propagated through other prophets such as Abraham {pbuh}, Moses {pbuh}, and Jesus {pbuh}, with the final seal of the prophets being internal page Muhammed {pbuh}. Now whereas Christianity took its name from Jesus Christ {pbuh}, Buddhism from Guatema Buddha, Zoroastrianism from Zoroaster, and Judaism from the tribe of Judah, Islam is unique in that it has no association with any particular person. Actually the word Islam is more of an attributive title in that whoever has Islam within them is a muslim.

So what is Islam? It is an Arabic word meaning Surrender or Submission (to God) and also Peace. This concept of Islam is applied as a background and framework upon which one's life is based. This means that the moral and ethical codes within make Islam more of a way of life rather than a religion.

So what do you need to be a muslim? Well, emphasis is placed upon six main religious beliefs: well as five main religious actions:

However these aren't the only beliefs/actions required and there are many other guidelines with which we live our lives including abstinence from alcohol (it's detrimental effects far outweigh the good ones, and besides, you don't need to get drunk to have a good time), abstinence from pork (considered unclean), the stipulation of eating only Halal (Kosher) food, and many others. As you can see there are similarities with Judaism as well as with Christianity. This is because we believe that all three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have truly originated with God but that the former two were subsequently changed by Mankind (hence the need for Islam). In fact, there are more similarities between the three faiths than there are differences, it's just that the few differences present are quite profound (as they are between internal page other sects of Islam).

To illustrate the similarities compare the Greco-Christian hippocratic oath with the internal page Islamic medical oath.

There are many other issues which it would take me ages to type up so if you have any other questions mail me and I'd be happy to answer them by sticking the topic up here.

Finally here are some great Islamic apps to use on iOS which I have found very helpful:    clickable icons will open in Appstore

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The Holy Quran in Arabic/English The Holy Quran in Arabic/Urdu Calculate prayer times 40 Hadith Qudsi A new Hadith every day Halaal places to eat Worldwide

A word on capitalisation: In order to maintain consistency I have used capitals when referring to use as a noun (e.g. the name of a religion - Islam, Christianity, Judaism...) and lower case when referring to use as an adjective (e.g. the description of a person - muslim, christian, jew...)

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